Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I need a "Why You So Obsessed With Me" T-Shirt

I love those shirts with the SLOGANS on them. I used to wear one that said “Pissed.” I wore it almost all the time. I also have an “Everyone Loves a Puerto Rican Girl,” shirt. I recently purchased, a “Wise Latina,” shirt.  I love these shirts. I know I’m not a kid, but who cares? I can be EXPRESSIVE with my clothes whether I look like a doof or not. And I can be expressive in my blog, whether any one reads it or not. Of course my blog page is not written across my chest....

Even though my blog is mainly one of my creative outlets, (much like the t-shirts are at times), sadly, I have become OBSESSED WITH MY BLOG. Seriously. I know that when a new toy comes around like, lets say, the Internet (um, it was a new toy for me eleven years ago, ok people), and internet pages like MiGente, AIM, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger (the order in which I discovered these wonderful toys) there is a honeymoon period. I become a fiend. I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF, I MUST SIGN ON, CONNECT WITH USERS, UPDATE, ENHANCE, UNTIL ... I GET OVER IT AND MOVE ONTO THE NEXT THING.

The honeymoon period with Blogger and Twitter has surpassed any prior obsession with my toys (Please note, I’m more obsessed with the internet now than I ever was). Why is this? Well for me, the two are connected. MY WEBSITE WHERE I BLOG IS MY SOAP BOX. Twitter is a portable soap box. Perhaps others feel the same way about social networking sites and tools that they implement on a regular basis. And maybe I’m not the only person who feels so passionately about their “soapbox.” AM I WRONG?

So how do we get to be so obsessed? WHAT IS THE APPEAL OF TELLING THE MASSES WHAT YOU'RE DOING? HOW YOU FEEL? YOUR OPINION? Is it validation? Is it a popularity contest? Is it the notion of celebrity? What is the motivation that makes these social networking sites so desirable?

Maybe it’s the approval or attention. Perhaps it’s the constant flow of information that overcomes our attention deficits. EVERYTHING IS A HEADLINE. A lot of the sites have status updates ... We give the equivalent of sound bites to grab the readers attention, whether they're real friends or internet "friends." THESE SOCIAL SITES ARE ESSENTIALLY ENHANCED VERSIONS OF THE GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS WITH SLOGANS. Except in the real world we don't change our shirts over 10x a day.

We are, in a sense, running commercials about different facets of who we are. And for some of us, there's a price tag attached to the amount of viewers we lure into our little worlds. But maybe IT’S NOT AS SUPERFICIAL AS IT SEEMS. MAYBE IT’S ALL ABOUT ESTABLISHING OUR VALUE - BOTH QUANTIFIABLE AND INTANGIBLE.