Sunday, October 18, 2009

Drowning In Anti-Aging Products

My mother told me that after 20, I would start to see a whole lot of changes. I never once believed her. But she was right. My body has changed; I've become curvier, it’s harder to lose weight, I've notice wrinkles and dark circles. Basically I'm falling apart. Great.

So besides amping up my wardrobe to suit my figure, I've been trying skin-care products  that I hope will slow down the swift aging process.

My mother swears by Jergens cream,  Palmers cocoa butter and Vaseline (petroleum jelly).
She wears it day and night. Now, the shine isn’t  always flattering, so she uses it as a base. It’s a very greasy base, but you know what? My mom looks amazing and nowhere near her age. 

 Since it’s a method that works, I also started using Jergens and Palmers, but Instead of Vaseline, I use Aquaphor. I apply these concoctions to my face at night. My mother thinks I should try Jergens during the day but I'm not so sure. I try not to put any greasy cream under my makeup during the day, because it makes my blush look less "dewy" and more "Cabaret."

 I cleanse my face with ice cold water mixed with vitamin E cream at the suggestion of my sister  which helps wake up my face. She also gave me this Harmony lotion that has jojoba oil (that I love) but I cannot find it anywhere.

When I want to pamper my skin I douse my face in coconut water which I learned about in an article of a VS model.  I just don’t know if any of that is enough? Or too much?

Beside the Harmony lotion, I like the Aveeno facial lotion and under eye cream (I thought it was better than the Oil of Olay tinted under eye cream I tried previously because it seemed to mask instead of repair). Nevertheless, I can't tell whether the Aveeno under eye cream is making a difference. And what about the lotion? It makes my face smooth but I think I need something better for use during the day - something that will rejuvenate my sensitive-aging-combination-
olive-skin and bring some youth underneath my eyes.

Any suggestions?

*Photos are of products in my home.
**The commentary on the above-mentioned products are my honest opinion and I have not been solicited to endorse these products in any way. I have no affiliation with these products/companies whatsoever. I am simply a consumer.