Saturday, October 17, 2009

The C Word

Cancer. Its scary. So many people in my life have suffered through it, (My Aunts on both sides, Friends who have life-changing procedures...) or died because of it (my Uncles). It freaks me out to think someone even closer to me could have it. It scares me to think that a roll of the dice and boom, I could be next.

I've had this weird skin condition on my ankle for about 2 months. I've picked at it, and it becomes a fresh wound each time. It doesn't heal - it just keeps scabbing over. I didn't understand what it was - is this a mole? Is it a weird raised scab? What? So I go online to research it "scabby mole." Going online for answers instead of to a Doctor is the #1 worst thing anyone can do. Of course all the google results say "cancerous." What?!

So I panic. I go through a list of Dermatologists (because the one I went to in Manhattan for my sweaty hands kinda sucked) and find one open on Saturdays. She gave me a whole body check up and checked my scalp. She was nice and thorough, but outside of the exam room she was barking at her team. And while my arm was in her hand, she stopped looking at it and had a convo with her assistant while the gown was around my waist, boobs out ("great" I thought).

Anyway, she said I was fine. She looked at the scabby mole thing, said it was benign and that it could've been a mosquito bite healed wrong or a nick in the shower that healed funny. She numbed it, removed it, and sent it for a biopsy just to be sure. So I'm gonna be ok!

(Woot Woot!)

But I think this is the universe's way of nudging me - be careful in the sun! Wear sunscreen! Don't go out when the suns rays are strongest! Take care of your skin! I will. And I do. I wear sunscreen daily and I'm going to amp up the SPF I use from now on.