Monday, September 14, 2009

Follow The Yellow Brick Road?

I've been fretting over the notion that I am pursing a career where I may have to turn down a great role because it involves a romance. Why? I'm afraid of the impact a career in acting will have on my relationship with my partner. Will he leave me? Is this a betrayal? I cannot fathom having to kiss another man and I may have to turn down roles that require romantic scenes. I asked my friend Jerry, who's a writer/playwright about whether I can avoid this in my career, and he gave me the following advice:
"It is possible to succeed as an actor (harder as an actress) without having to kiss strangers... but here's where that whole "truth" thing comes in. It's not you doing those things... it's your character. Simple as that. And if you start seriously pursuing anything, then of course that mandate will limit some of the work you can do. It limits yourself to put that kind of blanket statement on your craft (the "no kissing" rule) I don't foresee this issue being a problem for you - unless down the road you really want to start doing consistent professional work."
So basically, I'll be able to avoid it for a while. And maybe that will be enough. But eventually this may be an issue. I don't think my partner is going to go for "it's not me kissing, its my character." Even as I approached the topic with him, and he saw an actress on TV kissing another actor, he'd exclaim: "nope." He's been super supportive so far and I don't blame him. He didn't sign up for this. Of all the fears I have about this pursuit of an acting career, this is a big one. It's something that makes me question whether or not to bother trying if it will make my life fall apart in the end.

*this is a photo of my mother and I.