Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Support "The Talent Show"

When I entered law school, I'd completed one year working on a marketing campaign where I was constantly interacting with people and crowds on the microphone, tv and radio. It was an amazing experience! The excitement of it kept me yearning for more. While in school I decided to host a college radio show (yes, I was a law student at a college radio show) just to feel like I was doing something for "Me." So while staying up all night studying, the thing that kept me going was keeping my creative side nurtured. This was really important for me and, fortunately, I felt a lot of support from one person: Jillian. Well, it's time to pay it forward!

To make a long story short, Jillian is competing on a reality show and she needs your support!

Tune in to "THE TALENT SHOW" (9pm-12am) on www.urbanlatinoradio.com on October 1, 2009 & call in 718-841-7855 to vote for her "show intro." You can also vote for Jillian on www.urbanlatinoradio.com.

Getting votes on her "intro" is one of the many challenges she faces as a contestant on this reality show. Please show your support so she can WIN IT!

Even though today's blog post is not really about me, please don't be deterred from reading in the future. It's really important for me to get the word out. Jillian has such a great personality, is very intelligent, ambitious, and beautiful inside and out. She's putting her reputation, her future, and her career on the line by taking this chance... she can use all the support she can get!

And if your smitten with her, (you surely will be), feel free to follow her on http://twitter.com/jillianvalentin

*This photo was taken during the photoshoot of "The Talent Show"