Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The "IT" Factor

As a normal person I don't command attention in a room. I think I'm a loud talker but perhaps I speak too softly. My quick wit and dry sense of humor is not understood by most who aren't like-minded. In a room full of attorneys who are socializing, I don't fit in. I am often a wall flower. But when I turn IT on, its a whole other ball game.

I first learned how to unleash "it," when I was marketing on this big campaign for a brand I respect. Initially I was just being quiet little me - and that wasn't working. Then slowly, through observing others, I learned to turn "it" on. Finally, I was being heard, listened to, and I was found to be entertaining! At the end of a day, though, I would be spent. IT takes a lot of constant energy.

But by turning IT on, I didn't feel I was being fake. It just felt like this facet of myself that I had hindered, perhaps for the sake of others. As a child I always jumped into the limelight, like the little performer I was. And at some point I tucked it away like all little girls were "supposed" to do.

Antiquated social norms aside, the It-factor has served me well in my career - public speaking while marketing, arguing in my capacity as an attorney when making myself heard is 90% of what I need to be and, thankfully, with my acting.

Expressing myself while in a high energy state grabs more attention as opposed to being calm and quiet, which is not necessarily viewer-worthy. Fortunately I'm just as cozy being reserved as I am being the performer. I don't know what this "it" thing is, but I'm glad I've got it!

*This is a photo of me in Spain