Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Actresses" Only

When I first started taking classes at the studio, I went looking for the restroom. I passed two doors: one said "actors," the other, "actresses." I went up and down the hall, stared into offices and kept passing those doors. Then I saw a man leave "actors," and I caught a glimpse of a sink. I finally realized that was the restroom. But I was still hesitant and almost a little embarrassed to open the door. But I went in - no one looked at me sideways, and I didn't get kicked out. So far so good!

Slowly I'm getting comfortable with the idea that I'm a lawyer and an actress.This is week six of the "Technique," course I'm taking and I really am enjoying myself. I've done four scenes in my acting class thus far: two different phone calls, establishing the fourth side, and establishing time & place.My poor boyfriend and family have had to endure my rehearsals and incessant request for suggestions. As I talked my boyfriend's ear off one night, he actually said to me, "you're not going to be perfect and you don't want to be. That's how you learn."

Whatever. Other than that, he's been good. Except for the time I was rehearsing a phone call and he kept joining in the conversation.Oh and when he tries to show me how he's a better actor. By the way, he's a lawyer- not an actor.

Well, this past week my performance was slightly different: To establish time and place, I performed a scene that resembles a stressful Monday morning. I wore my suit, prepared to argue a motion in my kitchen, enjoyed coffee, realized I was late, looked for my wallet, found it in my luggage, gave myself a pep talk & left for work - all in 3 minutes. I did pretty well (Thank God). But more importantly, I had so much fun! Its exciting and nerve-wracking and I feel like I'm PLAYING. I bring in all my toys and the world disappears. *It feels like a calgon commercial*

While taking my acting classes, I've started to notice human behavior a lot differently. I'm noticing little nuances that I took for granted before. This is much better than my first year in personal injury litigation when I took notice of every trench and the twelve inches around a manhole cover. And far more interesting.

Next week I must establish time & place, have an accident, then look for a lost object. This is sure to require a similar performance to this weeks, but chock full of emotion and it may elicit a few explicatives on my part.

I'll have to take note of ones expressions when finding a lost object and body language when injured. It should be interesting for me, but I feel bad for those on whom I experiment.

I have to draw up the scene, grab my "toys," and plan an outfit. Then I must rehearse for at least two days. I'm not sure what I'll change into for my performance next week. Whatever I put on, it's good to know I'm becoming less and less wary of going to change clothes through the "actresses" door.

*This photo is a picture of me, "Ying Yang"