Monday, January 26, 2015

Lush Lunes: Dare To Conquer Your Dreams

If I told you that your dreams were attainable, would you believe me? Or would you be quicker to believe someone who told you how impossible it is?

When I take a moment to look back, I realize that I've had so many dreams in this one lifetime that I have chased and actually conquered. Recently I had a chance to tell a bit of that story; how I wanted to become a teacher, a lawyer and an actor, and how I went out and accomplished all three. 

No matter how hard it was, I might have been shaken (it wasn't easy), I might have been afraid (boy was I afraid), but I was never deterred from conquering my dreams (I didn't give up). It took a lot of courage and a lot of faith. When I take a moment to look back, I cannot help but be truly amazed at how magical and miraculous this is. I hope this inspires you, if even just a little bit, to dare to conquer your own dreams.

This leads me to your final Lush Lunes assignment:

I want you to write a letter to yourself, from the accomplished person you will be in five years. That's right - the 2020 version of you. As your future self, write down all that you have accomplished, all that you have become, all the dreams that you have chased and conquered. Write it into your reality. Tell yourself how awesome you are today, the amazing things that await, and the beautiful journey you will take over the next five years.

This might be a long assignment, but what a way to really take 2015 head on and say, "I'm on this journey and I'm ready!"

Yes, this is my final post and your final assignment. It has been such a pleasure to write about my own dreams over the years, and to see the progress that I have made. I hope you enjoyed Her Deep Thoughts and that it brought a little light into your world, just as it has for me.

If you want to continue to read about my journey, please feel free to subscribe to my new blog, I'd love to see you there.  It has been an honor, it has been my pleasure, and it has been remarkable.

May you have a truly Lush Lunes, may you keep making Mondays suck less, and may you continue to celebrate all that you are, and all that awaits.

All My Best,